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Sorry for dissapearing for two months...

Okay, so I have been completely out of fandom except for those involved in Highlander and Lie to Me... And eve them, it's been basically me watching the episodes and commenting on fic. I have no idea what's been wrong with me and my complete lack of checking my flist because I LOVE YOU GUYS!

I guess school has just sucked me and now with 3 weeks left and most of my shit out of the way, I feel I can start to breathe again and start my fandom life up again.

Plus, all my shows went off and Caprica doesn't have a fandom yet... Shit, even SGU had a bigger fandom in it's first week even if 75% of the fandom I think is filled with WANK!!! Oh well, with SGU back on and my sudden want to watch SG1 continuously 24/7, I feel my interest in fandom returning.

Speaking of SGU: Tonight's episode was sorta epic! SPOILERS!Collapse )

Besides the epic return of SGU, here's what has been happening since my last post:
1. I found Highlander and fell in LOVE with Peter Wingfield. That man has an entirely too beautiful body...
2. I found Lie to Me and it made me fall in love even more with Tim Roth, who in my mind is the most talented and brilliant actor ALIVE.
3. Caprica is a brilliant show and I wished it had bigger fandom. Truely amazing show, with both Peter Wingfield and Teryl Rothery making appearances... Oh, and Sasha Roiz is a beautiful man.
4. Louis Ferreira is so amazing and funny and generous... I can't believe how awful his childhood was, it still gets me emotional.
5. Nightwatch and Daywatch are the best foriegn films I have ever had the pleasure of seeing! Plus, Konstantin Khabensky looks like the Russian version of Louis... YUM!
6. Graphic Design might kill me yet, though the thought of actually getting an intership in Vancouver excites me more than even I can understand.
7. Tron Legacy looks like it's gonna be amazing...

Holy shit, I is a happy fangurl.
A/N: This is the sequel to my story Bleeding Love; you don’t have to read it to understand this, but it would probably help. The title comes from the song ‘Sick Cycle Carousel’ by Lifehouse and the whole thing was highly influenced by a Sam/Jack vid to the song. Also, some of the lines are taken from the movie A Perfect Getaway which prompted me to write this finally.

Title: A Sick Cycle Carousel
Rating: Teen
Word Count: 3,828
Characters: Jack/Sam; Pete
Summary: She couldn’t stand to look at the broken man before her. To know that she could have spared him some of the pain, if not all of it, if she had been completely honest with herself from the start; what the hell had she been thinking?
Spoilers: 7x13 Grace, 8x07 Affinity, 8x18 Threads
Stargate: SG-1 belongs to MGM, Double Secret Productions, and Gekko Films. I just took the characters out for a spin.

The highly anticipated sequal that you all forgot about!Collapse )
So I'm getting reviews on the newest chapter of NeverEnding and they are mostly from my usual reviewers whose comments are like crack to me (I LOVE YOU GUYS!), but I just got one that pissed me off severely.

It's extremely rude...

the only thing i dislike about your story is that its been longer than a month since you last updated as far as i can remember... this beeing an anoyence because i have read so many stories on this website i find it hard to keep track of whats going on in a story if its not updated regularly.

anyways looking forward to more
--name deleted to keep privacy--

*blinks*  EXCUSE ME?!  What the fuck...  It's like a fanfic writer doesn't have a fucking life.

Regardless, I did post a comment back.  And I hope it sounds as diplomatic as possible.  I debated even replying but honestly, I don't give a flying fuck if I lose this person as reader. 

Uh wow, I'm sorry for the inconvenience. Sadly though, I will take as long as I have to in order to produce a chapter that is in-character and is written well.

I care about my readers and will ensure that they get material that I myself would read.

Regardless, I do thank you for your readership.

As tactful as I could be...

Now to all of you who have stuck with me, sorry that I do take an ass-long time to update but I honestly won't post something till I think it can it's the best I'm gonna get it.


Fic: NeverEnding 12/?

A/N: After long battles with my muse over the fact that this chapter was severely OOC in some parts, it was rewritten twice and now it is ready!  Oh, and it is the longest chapter yet...  ENJOY!

What Happens After Dinner?
Author: Chozen Rogue
Rating: Teen; language, sexuality, eventual character death
Characters: Jack/Sam; Team; Landry; Thor
Summary: What if Jack was indeed on the Odyssey during the events of “Unending?”
Spoilers: Unending (Duh!); whole series, will specify if anything major comes up
Disclaimer: Stargate: SG-1 belongs to MGM, Double Secret Productions, and Gekko Films. I just took the characters out for a spin.

Previous chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11

Fifteen weeks...Collapse )


So I finished and edited the new chapter for NeverEnding... Sadly though, I do have to sleep and so I will post after class tomorrow. I hope everyone will enjoy and to keep you guys sated till then, here's another little tidbit...Collapse )

2009 Meme

Stolen unabashedly from codenamepolaris 

1) Where did you begin 2009?
- Playing poker with mom, Mary-Kay, Travios, and Nick.

What a year...Collapse )

A little bit of an update...

So yeah... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Any-hoo, I have a bit of an update for those of you interesting in my SG1 story, NeverEnding. The muse has been pretty much dead recently and it's been hard to write even a page of anything for awhile now... Hopefully not the case anymore.

I have been rewriting/finishing the newest chapter of NeverEnding for awhile now and last night, FINALLY, I was able to fix a certain scene that was bothering the shit out of me. It was sooo OOC and awkward and I just couldn't figure out why, until the other day when I editing the scene preceeding it and found a completely new way to start the scene off. Now what I have is completely different from the scene written before, except for a few lines that I did like originally, and it flows so much better - I'm actually writing again! WOOT!

Damn scene gave me writer's block for 3 months... Oh well.

And for those of you who want, here's a small, but delicious tidbit of what's going to come when I post:
She was in the middle of a particularly arousing memory...Collapse )

Second bit of an update: I now have Windows 7, and so far, am loving it. The only thing I hate is that my Win Media Player taskbar has dissapeared. A bit of an inconvience but I'm sure I'll adjust. But I do LOVE that it freed 15GBs of hard drive space - Vista was a fat bitch, lemme tell ya!

Thirdly, I have now become obcessed with Sci-fi's Tin Man - UGH, SO FRIGGIN' PRETTY!!! And I get 4 and half hours of Neil McDonough (and his insanely pretty blue eyes), Alan Cummings, and Zooey Deschanel; you really can't go wrong with that.

Writer's Block: Toy story

What was your favorite toy when you were a child? Do you still have it? What did it mean to you?

I have two:

The first one was the panda bear plushie that was given to me by mother's boss at the time. He was the principle at the Middle School she worked at and from all accounts a pretty horrible man, but to me he was exceedingly kind. He was always giving me candy and he would let me stay in his office and tell how my day went while he did work. My mom said I was the only person who could make him smile or laugh, and was definately the only person he had ever shown compassion/affection towards. The day that my mother left to go to another job, he gave the plushie and I named it Boo-boo. Still have it and it'll be one of those things that will always be with me.

The second are these horse figurines I still have. And even though they now reside on top of one of my dressers, basically negelected, I use to play with those things and have adventures with them when I was little. They all have names and when ever I look at them, I'm filled with the hope that some day I will own an Appaloosa, my favorite horse.

Just a message to my Flist!

Happy Holidays everyone and have a great New Years!

Chozen Rogue


Oh my...

So I'm watching The Nanny and guess who comes on my screen? ROBERT VAUGHN!

*snort* I started laughing when he came on because I had completely forgot that he played Max's asshole dad. Now I have Napoleon having an affair with an English woman and the result was Max... Damn, fandom has me confuzzled once more!

Ugh, and I forgot how fucking HOT Charles Shaughnessy... Yummy man.

And now, back to my final paper for advertising! *grumbles*


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